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Letter to Major Winters
by Wang Has, Student in China, 2002

Central College of Judicial
Police Officers 73#
Bas Ding HeBei 071000


July 13, 2002

Honorable Mr. Dick Winters:

                I'm very very honored to write to you. At first I want to show my respects to you, to my hero. And I want to beg your pardon that I write to you presumptuously.

                I engender this intention after I watched the film which named "Band of Brothers". I was moved deeply, even shed tears in public. You give the deepest impression to me. So I want to write to you to show my respects.

                I'm an ordinary college student in China. I collect your informations from the internet. But its to more English for me for my poor English. Fortunately I find one at last And I got the email of Alan O'Reily. Thanks to her, I get your address. How kindly she is.

                I  can't say anything after watching the film. You and your comrade in arms brought intense shock to my soul.

                You know today lots of young people, no matter in China or the USA, become more and more selfish and numb also include me.

                 They feel void and uphold violence and war. But they don't know, what the war means to us.

                 The film told me. The war brought death fear and despair to soldiers, also to their family. Their family have to bear the dread and the pain of losing son losing husband or losing father.  

                 The war is brutal. I damage the peace and destroy the human civilization.

                 Fortunately the war also appear human natural instincts. Soldiers help each other like brothers. No cheating. No jealousy. No exploitage. It's the genuine friendship. It's not change forever. Te friendship between you and your comrade in arms is noble and pure. Today this kind of friendship is few. I believe you and your friend will enjoy this forever.

                 Thanks for Mr. Tom Hanks and Mr. Steven Spielberg. They make me recognize the American Soldiers and what role they acted in the Second World War again.

                 You and your comrade in arms crave for peace like all Chinese. You struggled for it bravely. Even you are optimistic when facing death. You keep calm when your facing difficulties and always do your best to overcome it. It encourages me. I study lots of things from you. Such as Courage, Self confidence. I think from now on I'll do my best with everything.

                 Now I only want to say: I adore your action in the Second World War. You are the hero in my heart.              

                Could I have your photograph with your autograph if its possible? I think it would be one of the best experiences of my life.

 Best Wishes For You!

                                                                                                                                 Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                                                                Wang Has


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