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Walk in the Footsteps of the Men of Easy Company
Join Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours for the original Band of Brothers Tour from Toccoa, Georgia and England into combat in Normandy, Holland, Belgium, and on to final victory in Berchtesgaden.

About the Band of Brothers Tour, Dick Winters said, "What you have experienced is very special.  This tour is special.  There is nothing else like it."

Easy Company Web Site's

Easy Site by Aaron Heine

Camp Toccoa Reunion

Note: This list is in numerical and alphabetical order. It is also pretty extensive. To do a quick search in order to find the link of your choosing, hold the "Control" button on your keyboard (ctrl) and press the "F" button in your web browser. A search window will pop-up. A table of contents is available below to guide you. If there's a broken link, please notify us using the e-mail link at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Table of Contents:

I.     World War II Veterans Associations
World War II Orphans Networks
U.S Army Units
U.S Air Force Units
U.S Navy Ships
Foreign Units
World War II Links
American Battle Monuments Commission
Other Links
Multinational Units and Organizations
American Re-enactors
Commonwealth Re-enactors
German Re-enactors
Russian Re-enactors
Contact Info


World War II Veterans Associations:

WWII Memorial Committee Information page

World War II Orphans Network

Was your father killed in World War II ?

U.S. Army Units

1st Infantry Division Museum
2nd Armored Division
2nd Infantry Division
3rd Armored Division
3rd Infantry Division- WWII Memoirs on the Web
4th Armored Division at Bigonville
6th Armored Division, 212th FAB
7th Armored Division
8th Infantry Division
9th Armored Division
20th Armored Division
28th Infantry Division Association
29th Field Artillery Regiment
30th Infantry Division
36th Infantry Division
38th Cavalry History
69th Infantry Division
70th Infantry Division Association
78th Infantry Division
87th Infantry Division Association
97th Infantry Division
99th Infantry Division
100th Infantry Division Association
101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles"
102nd Cavalry Group
103rd Cactus Division
104th Infantry Division
106th Infantry Division Association
123rd Quartermaster Battalion (Truck)
130th General Hospital
183rd Field Artillery Battalion
212th Armored Field Artillery
225th AAA Searchlight Battalion
275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
314th Infantry Association World War II, Inc
366th Infantry Regiment: WWII Buffalo Soldiers
488th Engineer L.P. Company (Bailey Bridge Company)
634th Tank Destroyer Battalion
737th Tank Battalion
738th Field Artillery
746th Tank Destroyer Battalion
781st Tank Battalion
951st Field Artillery Battalion

U.S. Army Air Forces

8th Air Force in World War II
40th CBW - 8th Army Air Force
The 96th Bombardment Group
The 319th Bomb Group
446th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group
487th Bombardment Group
487th Bomb Group

U.S. Navy Ships

USS Arizona
USS Augusta - CA 31
USS Cabot CVL-28
USS Cushing Association Webpage
USS Houston CA-30
USS San Francisco CA-38 Association
USS Suffolk AKA-69
Tribute to the USS Yorktown CV-5
LST454 Homepage

Foreign Units

2nd Panzer Division
Struan's War (New Zealand)
Oxford shire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry


Mechanized cavalry units of World War II
History of each of the 13 Cavalry Groups that served in the European theater

Patton's Troubleshooters, the history of the 702nd Tank Battalion Red Devils and the 80th Infantry Division Blue Ridgers and other attached units

Camp Atterbury, Indiana
The Battle of the Bulge stories from veterans and personal observations
Ship Crossings by W. Wesley Johnston
US Army Ranger Association
Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
NAS Fort Lauderdale Historical Association
B-17G Screwball Express
Selman Field Memorial Page
Yankee Division: Letters from the Front
The United States Armor Association
Rainbow Division Veteran's Association
The Red Arrow Division
Adolf Galland 1912 - 1996
RED TAILS - The Tuskegee Airmen
Black Americans awarded the Medal of Honor

What did you do in the war, Grandma?: an oral history of Rhode Island Women during World War II

Women at war: Redstone's WWII female "production soldiers"
Women's Army Corps: a commemoration of World War II service
Women come to the front: journalists, photographers, and broadcasters during World War II

WWII Links:

WWII Battlefield Relics- Not a Swap Site, but displays of battlefield relics.
Grunt's Military Site
C.R.I.B.A. Center for Research and Information on The Battle of the Ardennes

MILITARY NETWORK A source of all types of Information for the Armed Service, and related subjects. Has to be seen to appreciate how much information is available.


Washington DC - World War II Memorial
Search for American War Dead
Disabled American Vets, National Headquarters
U.S. Army, Pentagon Home Page

American Women in Uniform Captain Barbara A. Wilson, U.S.A.F. (Ret) Revolutionary War through Desert Storm

Rongstad's Worldwide Index Thousands of World War II LINKS

nstitute on World War II & the Human Experience
British WW II Links to England
US Army Ranger Association
National D-Day Museum (Ambrose)
National WWII Memorial
V2 Rockets -Dutch homepage
Ranger and Airborne veteran stories
Peace Museum Bridge of Remagen
Center of Military History
US Army Military History Institute
How to search - American War Dead WWII
Medals of America Homepage
National Archives
World War II Medical Corps and Naval Hospital Corps
US Army Center of Military History
D-Day Web, The real Normandy A history page in response to "Saving Private Ryan"

Center for Research and Information on the Battle of the Bulge A Belgian web site dedicated to the history of the Battle of the Bulge.

Project Liberty Ship - Home Page Restoration of the liberty ship "John Brown" based in Baltimore, MD.
G.I. Journal A Militaria periodical focusing on the WW2 American soldier.
The History Net General history articles, many on WWII.

Other Links:

Multi National Units and organizations:

California Historical Group (CA)

Paper Dolls A women's WWII re-enactment group that portrays women from all walks of life, from hometown sweethearts to French Resistance, from American Red Cross and Army Nurse to German Signals Helferin, from WASPs to Russian Snipers.

ENYGMA GRAPHICS is a Multimedia company specializing in the production of Photo CDs containing Military and Aviation photographs. ENYGMA GRAPHICS also has available a small range of models and diorama accessories

American Re-Enactors:

First Special Service Force Living History Group
33rd Signal Construction Battalion
51st Engineer Combat Bn (VA/PA)
28th Infantry Division 110th Regiment Homepage
1st Division Re-enactor's Page (PA)
80th Infantry Division (VA)
3rd Infantry Division (FL)
83rd Infantry Division (NY/CT)

Commonwealth Re-Enactors:

The Welsh Guards
The Irish Guards
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
The Oxford shire Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
The Perth Regiment
Cold stream Guards
1st Canadian Para

German Re-Enactors:

Panzer Pionier Battalion 5
1st SS Panzer Division
Grenadier Regiment 134 "Hoch- und Deutschmeister"
Grenadier Regiment Großdeutschland
43rd Sturm Pionier Battalion
German Wehrmachts (heer)

Russian Re-Enactors:

52nd Guards
8th Guards


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World War Two Impressions WWII repro uniforms.
Lost Battalion's WW II US Army Uniforms Reproduction uniforms.
At The Front Original and reproduction uniforms and equipment
Castle Keep, Ltd., Aurora, IL
Manions Militaria Auction
National Capital Historical Sales
United States Army World War II Reproduction Paperwork

Frety.net - a web directory with homepage thumbnails

Art-desy.net - Art directory



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