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SGM Clemens' (ret) Letter to Colin Powell - 2001

192 Old Forge Road
Pine Grove, PA 17963
March 15, 2001

 Honorable Colin Powell
1317 Ballentrose Road
 McLean, VA 2101

Dear Mr. Secretary:

From our family to yours, sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your appointment to Secretary of State. We are thrilled to see honor and decency return to our nation's Capitol. He assured that you will always be in our prayers.

 Perhaps you will think it extremely presumptuous of me to send a personally autographed book from Dr Ambrose knowing that you could obtain the same in a heartbeat,. Honesty, however, dictators that I tell you this book was originally intended for a very dear friend of mine by the same last name. Perhaps I faxed to properly communicate with Dr. Ambrose, but to me it seemed like Divine intervention.

 Frankly sir, I need your help or direction. I'm trying to secure a well deserved Medal Of Honor for Major Richard Winters, "E" Co, 506th PIR  101st Airborne, whose leadership inspired the book "Band of Brothers" which was written by Dr. Stephen Ambrose. As I'm sure you know, Major Winters knocked out the four 105mm artillery pieces that were decimating our troops landing on D-Day. This heroic action is well documented and I have notarized witness accounts from two of the 101st soldiers who participated in the action under Major Winters' leadership.

 No doubt you are also aware that General Taylor said there would only he ONE NUN for the 0-Day action, and that medal went to LTC Cole who led a heroic bayonet charge. This resulted in Major Winters receiving the DSC instead of the MOH, which he probably earned three times at Normandy, Holland, and Bastone.

 I have been quite frustrated in my efforts to obtain information from the original citation (DA 638) in order to submit the necessary documentation for a review and re-consideration of this award. I truly believe that if this case were to receive a "top-down" directed review, Major Winters would receive the MDII, which he justly deserves for his service and heroic action.

 Major Winters is 84 years old and in good health, hut we don't know how long any of us have to complete this most important work.

As  former member of the 101st Airborne, this is a great opportunely for you to help  a deserving World War 11 veteran, as you did for another heroic soldier, Master Sergeant Roy Benavidcz.

of course I was hesitant to write to someone of your stature and importance, recognizing that you have duties arid responsibilities of enormous scope. However, I also know that it is men like Major Dick Winters who made it possible for the freedom we all enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration or this most important matter,



Herman W. Clemems
SGM PLUS. Retired




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